10 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster

122Roseheart_001As the saying goes – you only get one chance at making a first impression. Try these 10 easy tips to make sure your home appears to be worth your asking price.

  1. De-clutter. Clear off countertops in the kitchen, clean out the garage and make sure there is open space in all closets and shelf space by storing clothing and small items that aren’t needed regularly. Having available space gives buyers the impression that there is plenty of storage space.
  2. Let the sun shine. Keep blinds open and lights on for scheduled showings, but don’t forget to clean your windows and screens. Buyers like light, bright interiors.
  3. Give it the white glove treatment. Look at your home objectively and make sure to remove dust, dirt, soap scum and fingerprints. This includes mirrors, counters, cabinets, appliances and light switches. A clean home signals to buyers that it has been well cared for.
  4. Keep it light. Use the brightest bulbs possible in all light fixtures, and replace any burned out bulbs. This is especially important in rooms with no windows.
  5. If it’s broke, fix it. Make all minor repairs that you can find, otherwise it will be revealed during the home inspection and could make the buyer reconsider moving forward with the purchase. Even problems you may consider small, such as sticking or creaking doors and windows, cracked caulking, peeling paint, broken receptacle covers and leaky faucets, may make the buyers feel the house was not well maintained. It could cost you in further negotiations, or possible cost you the sale.
  6. Start at the curb. The absolute first impression buyers have is from the curb as they pull up to the home. Make sure the grass remains cut and edged, leaves raked, weeds pulled and bushes trimmed. Sweep away dead bugs, dirt and cobwebs around the front door. Add pops of color in pots near the entry to make a cheery welcome for buyers.
  7. Mind the gaps. Patch holes in your driveway, front porch and entry walk and reseal, stain or paint if needed.
  8. Check the roofline. Clean out gutters and repair if needed. Trim trees that may be too close to the roof. If you have a chimney make sure it appears to be in good condition.
  9. Check the front door. Clean, repaint or reseal if needed. Polish or replace door hardware – make sure it is working properly and not loose. The same applies to the house numbers.
  10. Check your nose. The biggest turn-offs to buyers are bad smells. Even if your house is spotless, if there is a hint of pet odors or last night’s fish dinner it could make a poor initial impression. If carpets are old it is best to go ahead and replace them since it will add some value to your house. Don’t go overboard with candles and oils – too much of a good thing can be bad too.

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