September Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas

House MaintenanceWith temperatures hovering around 100 degrees in central Texas, it’s hard to imagine that things will eventually cool off as we head into fall.  Still, it’s a good habit to perform basic monthly maintenance on your home to make sure it continues to function properly.  If you find yourself with nothing to do this Labor Day, here are a few tips and ideas to kick-off your September:

  1. Pour white vinegar down unused drains or AC drain lines to prevent mold growth
  2. Check your fire extinguisher and refill or replace if needed
  3. Clean out the gaps between your deck boards – debris could contribute to premature decay
  4. Inspect the caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows
  5. Scrub the mildew off exterior areas of the house where it may be growing
  6. Grind several cups of ice cubes in your kitchen sink disposal
  7. Check your tubs and showers and touch up any damaged or missing caulk or grout
  8. Trim or remove plants around your foundation – a minimum of one foot clearance is needed

If you think you’re home needs more than just basic maintenance and you’re ready to make a move, start your search at